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Air blowers

Centrifugal blowers or air blowers are devices that are used for moving air and other gases. This device makes use of the rotating impellers to increase the speed of the air gushing out of the drive out shaft. An air blower accelerates air flow radially, while changing the direction by 90 degrees. These power tools are mostly used in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. Tolexo has a wide range of power tools which includes products like cordless tools, heat guns, drills, saws etc.

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For the increasing demand of air blowers in the market, Tolexo has a wide assortment from a variety of prominent brands like Activ, Bosch, Black & Decker, CUMI, Hitachi, Jackly, Makita and many more. This wide variety of products from the best of brands are available at affordable prices on our platform.

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There has been a marked increase in the market demand for power tools, and hence, Tolexo has prepared itself for meeting the supply - demand gap. We have over 28 business and industrial categories, with over a million stock units to choose from. Apart from air blowers and other power tools, we have safety equipment, hand tools, test and measure equipment, medical supplies, heat guns, breath alcohol analyzers, fans, table fans, solar panel, etc. This range of products are sourced from over 8000 brands and 7000 sellers. The products on our platform are 100% genuine and are offered with 15 days money back guarantee. Delivering to over 900 cities in India, which also includes remote locations where delivery penetration is very low, Tolexo has made it easier and reliable shopping experience for online buyers of business and industrial goods.
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