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Karam - Protecting your workers

Karam is a No.1 manufacturer of Personal Protective equipment in India. The vast range of Safety Products from Karam is known for its finest quality and performance, besides providing the best & exclusively customized Industry specific fall protection safety solutions. Karam specializes in the field of Safety Harness & Body Belts, Hooks & Karabiners, Lanyards, Anchor Point, Horizontal Lifeline, Vertical Lifeline, Tripod & Winch, Rescue & Descent Equipment, Self Retracting Lifelines, Karam Gumboots, Safety Helmet, Safety Shoes, Protective Eye wear, Hearing Protection, Welding Protection, Respirators, Ear Muffs etc. All these products goes under stringent quality checks and are certified as per IS & Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS) and other International norms. Karam also offers customized Training and Consultancy to combat Safety Hazards in different industries in India. 

Karam Safety Shoes & More

Karam’s Objective to create lasting value for the people working in hazardous situations in our country and across the globe is met through its vast range of products and safety solutions. This comprehensive range includes Personal Protective products like Karam Hard Helmets, Protective Safety Eyewear, Hearing protective equipment, Welding Protective Face Shields, respiratory protective equipment, Karam Safety Shoes, and a vast range of Fall Protection Equipment. Workers in different industries are exposed to various hazards while working. These hazards include working at heights (being exposed to a fall), high noise areas, exposure to chemicals and splashes, exposure to dangerous gasses, etc. This not only exposes them to extreme physical risk that may cost them their lives, but also reduces their efficiency while working. Additionally, from the employers’ point of view, such work place accidents can have very high repercussions- both monetary and otherwise. Thus, it is very important for the employer to adhere to the safety norms for the workers and put to use every Safety Equipments.

Karam Safety Glasses to Safety Nets

Karam is known for the head to toe safety equipment for the workers working in different industries under adverse temperatures and conditions. Karam offers a comprehensive range of Safety Harnesses to suit a vast range of applications and situations. Equipped with the most technically sound features, Karam Safety Harness is the best choice for comfortable and safe usage for work at height. Karam also offers Work Positioning Body Belts which enables the worker to work at heights in a well-supported position, with both hands free. Safety Helmets are required in almost every Industry where there is a risk of being injured from falling objects or when working in areas of restricted head space. 
Karam range of Safety Helmets comes with plethora of features that not only offer the protection intended, but also with the comfort and design that ensures usage for long working hours. Karam welding shields are scientifically designed keeping in mind the daily challenges faced by welding workers. This welding shield is extremely light in weight to facilitate maximum comfort as well as protection during welding operations. Safety Spectacles in this range are equipped with flexible frames, are light in weight, stylish look and comfortable fit with ultimate eye protection and are best suited for construction sites and areas were dust particles are blowing at high speed. And at these situations, Half Mask Respirators offers versatility for many environments and applications. Karam Safety Shoes comes with unique features and are provided with Molded In-sock for highest level of comfort, Breathable Drylex lining for preventing undue moisture and perspiration, Out sole double density for extreme comfort and abrasion resistance, Wider cushioned Top line for extended comfort, Anti-fatigue for prolong stress free working. Hence, making this range of steel toe safety shoes extremely robust and comfortable for almost all work situations.
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